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Violin Advisor can arrange direct sales between sellers and buyers, thereby eliminating traditional consignment agreements and commissions.  We also offer the following services:

  • Authentication and appraisal

  • Instrument selection for musicians, investors, collectors, and institutions

  • Condition and damage reports for appraisals and insurance claims

  • Scientific dating and material analysis Technical documentation and photography for certificates and publication

  • Conservation and restoration

  • Collection management

  • Investment enhancement through public relations, publication, and loan of instruments to distinguished soloists, orchestras, and non-profit institutions such as conservatories and museums

About Violin Advisor


Directed by Stewart Pollens, one of the world’s leading musical instrument conservators and violin authorities, Violin Advisor is an independent consulting firm that advises musicians, collectors, institutions, and investors on the acquisition of fine stringed instruments.


We physically examine the instruments that are being offered by the principal dealers, private sellers, and major auction houses in order to assist our clients in avoiding fakes and misattributed instruments, along with those having serious or undisclosed condition problems or poor playing characteristics. In recent years, the market has been inundated with fraudulent scientific reports and counterfeit certificates. Violin Advisor evaluates all reports and documentation and may conduct its own tests to determine age and authenticity. 

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Following Barack Obama's first Presidential inauguration, Slate Magazine asked the Violin Advisor:



Stewart Pollens is the author of Stradivari, published by Cambridge University Press.

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